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There was only one type of criticism in the comments and that was that the story was unrealistic for a few reasons. We were much more interested in bringing my co-authors darkest fantasies into view. But, that being said, this newest story is very realistic to both of us, to the point of being autobiographical in parts, then to depicting many of our fantasies that could easily become real under the right circumstances.I admit we got to the point where we felt and became the characters, or they became us. You, the readers, can wonder what parts we have already explored and what parts might be in our future. Those who have been disabled have a remarkable ability to rebound – initially they may feel terrible, but after months or years they are on average just as happy as everyone else. This also means that we get use to the bad things that happen to us. The actual gratitude produced during those five minutes is small, but the emotions of gratitude felt during those five-minutes are enough to trigger a grateful mood. When I first started looking into gratitude, I wasn’t expecting much. Sure, having more money can be pretty awesome, but because of hedonic adaptation we quickly get used to it and stop having as much fun and happiness as we did at first. This is why a five-minute a week gratitude journal can make us so much happier.

Author's Note: Our first two stories have been well received and we thank all our readers for their comments and support.As Bob Marley sang, this is your redemption song, mon. It’s time again to join some fantasy baseball leagues.Before you close all of your extraneous porn windows and rush to sign up, let’s explain how these fantasy baseball leagues are going to work.The opposite of the first two stories, though she is still the slave and I am the Master. But my vanilla social life was not working, and I was becoming more and more desperate and testy about it.If had been up to my parents, vanilla would have been my flavor of choice.